APL Author Series: Dwayne Clayden

Supported by The Canada Council for the Arts

Join us for an evening of celebrating the arts! This event features an author reading, a discussion, refreshments, book signing, and a prize draw.

Saturday April 13, 11am -12:30 pm - Dwayne Clayden

Dwayne Clayden uses his knowledge and experience as a police officer and paramedic to write crime thrillers. His first novel, Crisis Point, was a finalist for the 2015 Crime Writers of Canada, Unhanged Arthur. His short story, Hell Hath No Fury, was published in AB Negative, an anthology of short stories from Alberta Crime Writers.

His vast experience working with emergency services spans over 40 years, and includes work as a police officer, paramedic, tactical paramedic, firefighter, emergency medical services (EMS) chief, educator, and academic chair.

Dwayne’s upcoming book series, Writing Realistic Scenes, provides writers with realistic information on EMS, police, fire, air medical, and 911/dispatch so authors can be accurate in how they portray the emergency services in their writing.

Dwayne is the host of First Aid 4 Writers—a weekly tip and monthly live show that helps fiction writers and screenwriters integrate realistic emergency services procedures into their writing.

He also writes a column, What Movies and TV Get Wrong, a sometimes serious, other times tongue in cheek critique of the way emergency services is portrayed.

Dwayne is a popular speaker at writing conferences and to writing groups providing police and medical procedures advice and editing to authors and screenwriters. The co-author of four paramedic textbooks, he has spoken internationally at EMS conferences for the past three decades. He’s an instructor for Alexandra Writers Center Society.


Event Date: 
2019 Apr 13 - 11:00am - 12:30pm