Gaming Tip Sheet (Updated June 2, 2015)

Please read before playing!
To maximize your gaming experience:

  • We have 2 custom-designed HP Envy 700-329 PCs pre-loaded with games
  • Sign out a gaming headset from the Info desk (or use your own) and plug it in to the headphone/Mic jack before playing. Some games will not launch without an output device plugged in.
  • Check the “Games” folder on the desktop to see the available games on this computer or launch Steam
  • Many of the games are on Steam. If you’d like to see which, double-click the Steam icon and click “library.” Non-Steam games/game-related apps can be launched from the “Games” folder
  • All the games are either Steam cloud enabled or multiplayer/session-based, so your game progress should be unaffected. You may need to sign up for your own MMO game account
  • To ensure that your Steam save games are saved to the cloud, allow a few minutes after you exit the game for Steam to sync before your timed session ends. You can check this progress in the Steam library
  • Each gaming session is 90 minutes and can be booked online. You may extend your session depending on computer availability, please check with the Info desk
  • Each computer has its own games plus some shared games through APL’s main Steam account. Only 1 computer at a time may play the shared games. When shared games are available, you will see a “play” button, when they are being played by someone else, you will see a “buy” button
  • The games were chosen to provide a good mix of genres, mainstream vs indie, content and budget. We may consider getting specific titles if there is enough demand for them
  • Please look after the equipment; if the computers are damaged, this will lead to down time and will only affect the gamers
  • If you’ve enjoyed this feature at your library, please consider giving feedback or complete a survey if asked!

Happy gaming!


Computer case design by APL’s Art Coordinator, Veronica Funk. If you’re interested in decorating your own computer case, please contact her directly.

University of Calgary Digital Commons – Renee Reaume, Dylan Tretault and Jed Baker for their time and advice.