Privacy Policy

Privacy and Access to Information

 Personal information provided to the Airdrie Public Library is collected under the authority of Alberta’s Libraries Act and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information is used to provide library services and maintain statistics.

 APL is a networked member of the Marigold Library System. APL’s business files link to and are stored on Marigold’s Library System's network.

 Library Membership and Borrowing Records

Personally identifiable information contained in the patron record includes name, address, phone number(s), email address, gender and age. Patrons can save their reading histories through their account. These lists are private unless the patron chooses to share them.

 Library membership information and patron borrowing records are kept strictly confidential. Library use information is protected under Alberta’s privacy legislation and through APL’s adherence to The Canadian Federation of Library Association’s Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries.

 The Library does not collect personal information for commercial marketing or distribution to private organizations. The Library will only disclose personal information:

a)      to law enforcement in response to a court order, such as a warrant, subpoena, or other legal      compulsion;

b)     in partnership with other Alberta libraries and library systems for the purposes of sharing materials under conditions defined in existing resource sharing agreements and programs, or for collecting fees and fines, keeping statistics, and retrieving borrowed materials.

 Information and Reference Requests

APL tracks information and reference requests for statistical purposes but records only the number of requests, not what is being requested by individual patrons. Requests sent by email or through APL’s online chat service are deleted once the request has been addressed by library staff.

 Telephone Records

All calls to APL are recorded. However, audio recordings are only reviewed for security reasons on a case-by-case basis. We do not routinely review calls to the Library.

 Online Privacy, Tracking and Security

Cookies: When you visit a site on the web, it may deposit a piece of data, called a web cookie, with the temporary web browser files on your computer. If you wish, you can change the settings on your web browser to deny cookies, or to warn you when a site is about to deposit cookies on your hard drive.

 Encryption: The APL website links patrons to their My Account on TRACpac and Discovery for borrowing purposes. These consortia protect patron privacy by using encryption during the login process and transmission of a patron’s library card, username, and PIN.

 eResources: The Marigold Library System subscribes to various databases found under the eResources tab of the APL website. Neither the Marigold Library System nor APL analyze individual patron usage. Users are encouraged to read the privacy policies of individual databases.

 Website Usage Statistics: APL uses Google Analytics to track usage of the Library’s website. Users may read Google Analytics’ policies.

 Online Forms and Electronic Communication: APL provides online forms for facilitating program and volunteer registration, and to receive new book suggestions for the collection. The Library only gathers personal information necessary to facilitate the registration or request. Personal information provided to library staff through any other electronic communication is only used to facilitate the request submitted.

 Photographs: APL may post photographs of its public programs and events on its website and social media platforms. Attendees should speak to library staff in advance if they do not wish to have photographs of themselves taken and/or posted.

 Social Media: Users posting comments to the Library’s social media platforms should be aware of the public nature of such posts and of their responsibility to exercise caution when sharing personally identifiable information.