Mission & Values


Airdrie Public Library fosters literacy, knowledge and cultural connections.  We seek to inspire lifelong learning, imagination and creativity through our inclusive programs, services and collections.

Our Values

  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Literacy & Lifelong Learning
  • Service & Organizational Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Community Collaboration
  • Accessibility & Inclusiveness

Our Vision
An Inclusive landmark destination that engages the mind, strengthens community and enhances quality of life.

Customer Service Philosophy

  1. Every customer who uses our Library will be welcomed, valued and respected.
  2. Every customer is entitled to their individual style of use of the library as long as it gives consideration for the well being of others.
  3. Rules are in place in order to make the library experience a rich and meaningful experience for all. Rules will be applied fairly to all.
  4. If problems arise, all evidence will be duly considered before action is taken. Action taken will be in keeping with the severity of the problem.
  5. Each day is viewed as a new beginning and each circumstance as an opportunity for growth and learning.

Your library supports and adheres to the following: